August 28-29, 2009
Glen Rock Borough and the
surrounding area were seemingly
underseige as heavy rain poured
down. One Shrewsbury resident
described the rain as "harder than
being in the shower". EMA Officials in
Shrewsbury were contacted by the
Glen Rock Fire Chief with a request
for backup communications and
support. Stan Walters Unit 56
(pictured below), was dispatched to
work with members of the SPCG
HAM club at the Glen Rock Fire
Department at around 10:45PM
EMA Callout: Glen
Rock Flooding
Before                              After
Patrick Walters,Unit 99, remained at the York County
REACT Amateur station and logged all the traffic as the night
wore on.

Around midnight, Tyler Harpster Unit 05, was called into the
Shrewsbury EOC  to assist there  by the Deputy Emergency
Management Coordinator staffing the EOC.

York County
REACT has operational agreements with the
Shrewsbury EOC, The Southern PA Commuinications
Group Amateur Radio club and York ARES/RACES
SKYWARN Auxillary Communicatuions Service.

There were numerous water rescues made by Station 59
personnel. There was also unspecified/unknown property
damage to properties along the creek. Assessments will not
be finished until daylight hours August 29th.

Thanks to all team members who responded and all those
with various agencies who stayed up into the wee hours.
York County REACT
Proudly Serving York County PA
Team Activities - 2009