York County REACT Announces:

When Seconds Count . . . (updated)
At least for one York County man, REACT meant
being arrested! Tim, Unit 39, observered a man in the
Market Square Shopping Center parking lot behaving
very strangely. He was trying to use what looked like a
house key to unlock his car, even though the driver's
side window was down. Tim's dad used a cell phone to
call 911 and and Tim gave dispatchers a description of
the car and the license tag as well as what he was
observing. They wathced the man drive around the
parking lot in circles. A unit from Southern Regional
Police arrived and Officer Kathleen Ames-Brooker
struggled with the man but finally manged to take him
into custody. Way to go Tim and Officer

York County REACT takes part in
Peachbottom Drill
Units from York County REACT will be taking part in
the Peachbottom Nuclear plant emergency drill on April
23, 2008. Stan Walters (Unit 56), team President will
be one of the RACES operators at a township EOC.

Team President Stan Walters
elected as RI Board Vice Chair
The annual Winter Board meeting is over and there is
big news. York County
REACT Team President Stan
Walters was elected as Vice Chairman of the Board of
Directors of REACT International, Inc.

"I was asked to fill a vacancy on the Board. I did
not set out to do more than start a new team. I had
no idea I would end up as Vice Chairman. But I am
greatful for the confidence of the Board or Directors
and will strive to serve to the best of my ability."
Stan Walters
Southern Regional Police Press Release

Southern Regional Police Press Release

Nature of Incident:
Aggravated Assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, driving under the influence of alcohol or controlled substance, and driving while license was suspended DUI related.

07/07/2008 Location:
Market Square Shopping Center
540 S. Main St
Shrewsbury Borough

Person Involved:
Ronald Albert DOVE, age 43
W. Clearview Rd
Glen Rock , PA

Incident Summary: Southern Regional Police were dispatched to the above location for a report of an intoxicated subject getting into a car and attempting to drive. Officer Kathleen Ames-Brooker arrived and DOVE was driving the car in circles in the parking lot. The car was stopped and DOVE was uncooperative. During the arrest DOVE kicked the officer several times injuring the officer's hand. The officer was treated at an emergency department and DOVE was charged with the above offenses and taken to central booking for arraignment after he refused the blood alcohol test. DOVE was committed to YCP in lieu of $25,000 bail.

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